The agri-food industry is important for the growth strategy of our local economy, contributing to the increase of business and employment and to food self-sufficiency, as well as to the region's identity and tourism promotion. It has an already high and growing level of competitiveness in foreign markets, and is increasingly professional, modern, digital and sustainable.

It is particularly oriented towards the production of fruits and vegetables, such as Kiwi fruit (green, arguta/baby, yellow, red); blueberries; strawberries; purple passion fruit and shiitake mushrooms and aromatic herbs. Also worth mentioning is the dairy sector associated with cheese production.

The Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira is preparing a candidacy for the ‘UNESCO Creative Cities Network’ in the field of gastronomy, in order to make it a central element of its sustainable development strategy of cultural affirmation and historical identity; streamlining the local production chain, collaborating in the distribution of local and endogenous products and inserting them in catering establishments and in their marketing to the final consumer.

The strategic location of Santa Maria da Feira, between Porto and the Douro River (in the North), Aveiro and its estuary (South), the mountains (East) and the Atlantic (West), "provides a rich and diversified gastronomic offer , with a clear influence from the region between the Douro and Vouga rivers and a great diversity of fish, meat and dairy products, as well as vegetables and fruits, many produced by small producers in the municipality”.

Gastronomy plays a relevant role in the attractiveness of Santa Maria da Feira, being one of the essential and most valued components of its tourist offer, not only for our sweets, with Feira Fogaça  – which was granted with the Protected Geographical Designation by the European Union , and its numerous gastronomic variations, Caladinhos or Coimbra Sweets; but also a diversified and high quality gastronomy, using local products, available in the municipality's restaurants.

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