Being one of the important industries for the Portuguese economy, the Textile sector in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira is dynamic and innovative

Although we are mostly talking about small and medium-sized companies, all well known for their flexibility and quick response, know-how and innovation, some vertical units are also found in all sub-sectors of our textile and clothing industry, which supply both the domestic and foreign markets.

Santa Maria da Feira is part of the textile axis of the North Coast, characterized by small and medium-sized companies known for their tradition and textile industrial know-how, flexibility and great reactivity.

Companies in the textile sector in Santa Maria da Feira use the best quality raw materials, up-to-date equipment and technologies, and have qualified professionals, in order to adequately respond to the permanent changes in the market, satisfy customers, suppliers and safeguard the social well-being of employees.

The manufactured items are of high quality, especially fabrics (damasks, pikes, knits, velvets, fabric spacer…) trimmings, straps, elastics, cords, accessories for the clothing, footwear, leather goods, packaging, as well as tapestries industries, upholstery for the automobile industry, women's clothing, underwear, home textiles, etc.

The great opportunities of the textile industry lie in its response to market niches, in industrial specialization and in technical and functional textiles, as well as in the capacity to create small lines of added value, fashion, brands and distribution "made in Portugal".

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