We are the world's largest cork processing hub and absolute leaders in the treatment of cork oak bark, a 100% natural and 100% recyclable product.

This noble raw material is taken from the trunk of a tree that is not cut down, which regenerates itself and forms the cork oak forest, that most precious and exemplary natural habitat.

We have the best factories in the world in the sector, who know the qualities of cork and how to enhance them in products that circulate all over the world.

Cork stoppers, preferred by most wine consumers, are the most manufactured product. We are the heart of a branch of economic activity that is currently experiencing a period of expansion and international recognition, with record exports. The success of this industry lies above all in the work of our companies, in their efforts to renew processes and technologies, in their commitment to specialized human resources, in improving product performance.

Cork is a material that never ceases to amaze due to its unique and inimitable characteristics. It's on NASA shuttles, inside wind blades and kayaks, in Hollywood movie special effects. It is on the main catwalks of international fashion, in luxury jewellery, in renowned shoes, in coatings and insulation, in various construction and decoration materials, in new applications that are beginning to penetrate the cosmetics market.

We have a professional training centre dedicated to the cork industry. CINCORK – Professional Training Centre for the Cork Industry is a privileged partner for companies operating in the sector. Its work focuses on training and qualification of human resources.

CTCOR – Cork Technological promotes and supports innovation, development, quality and sustainability in the cork sector. This organization develops applied research and supports the cork sector in all fields of technical, technological, environmental protection and knowledge dissemination.

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