The Support Office for Emigrant Communities was created based on the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Directorate General for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities and the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, on 12 September 2002.

Its functions are to support citizens who have been emigrated, who are returning to Portugal, who want to emigrate or who still reside in the host countries, and all those who wish to live, study, work and invest in Santa Maria da Feira at various levels.

Target audience:

Emigrants, investors and foreign students, as well as their direct family members can enjoy this free public service. Contact us,  and you will have a personalized and qualified service.


  • To provide support for the return and reintegration of citizens and their families residing abroad, namely in the fields of Social Security, Health, Employment, Municipality;
  • To cooperate in the preparation of citizens who wish to emigrate abroad;
  • To act in the prevention of illegal activities related to emigration;
  • To guide and support the acquisition of Portuguese nationality and visas, for all those who intend to live, study, work and invest in Santa Maria da Feira.


  •  Providing assistance and advises on established rights in the field of Social Security (pensions, retirement supplements, coercive collection of alimony, disability and other social benefits);
  •  Supporting the creation of your own business, investment projects and local development;
  •  Providing guidance on job opportunities, professional training and internships abroad;
  •  Providing information on the legalization of vehicles;
  •  Providing guidance on emigrant-savings and structural funds;
  •  Coordinating with the Ministry of Education in obtaining school equivalency;
  •  Facilitating contact with Social Security, Education, Health, Foreigners and Borders Service, and the Institute of Registry and Notary services.


Loja Mais Próximo de Si | Espaço Migrações
Rua Jornal Correio da Feira, nº 19 - Loja 2
4520-234 Santa Maria da Feira
Monday» Friday | 9am»5pm
Mobile: 925 453 674

Ponto Lobão
GAE - Gabinete de Apoio ao Emigrante
Praça do Eleito local, n.º 60, Lugar da igreja
4505-424 Lobão
Phone: 256 918 802
Monday 2pm»5pm

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