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Lusopark - Land with licensing project

  • The plot has an overall area of 1716 m2 and a total construction area of 1618 m2;
  • For this plot, a construction project was developed for a type 3 warehouse and/or industry building, inserted in a space for economic activities, with proper infrastructure and with a privileged location, in full expansion and growth phase.
  • The building has 2 floors, ground floor and 1st floor, facing towards the south and east quadrants, with a contemporary, sober image, fitting the surrounding urban reality, compatible with the requirements of industrial architecture and with a strong identity mark;
  • The industrial nave is organized across the ground floor, with a large central body and several support areas, namely work offices, laboratory, control and meeting rooms, social and cafeteria area, changing rooms for employees of both sexes and a storage room, among others (blueprints are available);
  • The 1st floor hosts commercial and administrative and financial management spaces, as well as a meeting room equipped with all the technological infrastructure, space for a showroom, pantry and computer room. Also on this floor, a mezzanine will be installed to, for example, store the finished product or raw material, providing the building with a storage area of over 400 m2.
  • The building will have frontal access from the public sidewalk and to the west, through the existing street. It will be built in a mixed system of reinforced concrete and iron in its structural component and the exterior cladding will be in glass, plaster and metal panels, for which special consideration will be given to the quality and resistance of the materials. It was designed to be in line with current environmental and energy sustainability requirements, so the roof will have photovoltaic panels, which will give it energy autonomy and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of the environment.
  • Given its characteristics, this building has a great capacity to accommodate various economic activities (trade and industry), as it will be equipped with all the infrastructures of water, electricity, gas, communications, IT, web, security, networks and cabling.

Contacts: 91 322 07 23

Land with Project | PERM

1 pavilion with approx 1400m2 + 190m2 of office area (final sales value 850,000 euros)

2 pavilion with approx 2450m2 + 240m2 of office area (final sales value of 1350,000 euros)

1 pavilion with an area of approx. 3850 m2 + 300 m2 of offices (marketing value 2,150,000 euros)

Pedro GuimarĂ£es | 93 256 72 38

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