1638 Enterprises

Albino & Vasco Maia, Lda


Albino Francisco de Sousa Filhos, S.A - Sousa Rusg...


Alçados e Prados Unipessoal, Lda

Furniture and Mattress Industry

Alcides Castro Gomes II, Lda


Alcides Joaquim de Silva

Wood and Cork Industries

Alcides Pinto - Auto Casal do Monte

Car Repair and Maintenance

Alcina Maria Correia Lopes


Alcino Ribeiro Tavares, Lda.

Construction, plomberie, bodywork, solar panels, central VAC, central heating, air conditioning, fire...


Alcino Santos Oliveira

Wood and Cork Industries

Alegres Desafios Unipessoal, Lda.

Management services (administrative support, accounting (IRS; IRC; ...), management control and invoicing)...

Legal and Notary Activities

Alexandra Amorim & Ferreira, S.A

Wood and Cork Industries

Alexandre Miguel Nunes, Unipessoal, Lda.

Driving licences in categories A, B.

Education and Training

Alfredo Oliveira Reimão & Filhos, Lda.


Alice de Lurdes Ferreira Resende - Quintinha d...


Alice Martins Unipessoal, Lda.

Wood and Cork Industries

Alinharte Saúde e Bem Estar

Hairdressers and Beauty Institutes Health and Social Support

All About Dance Academia

Leisure and Sporting Activities

All Closures In

Wood and Cork Industries

Almeida Pinto & Pinto Ferreira, Lda.

Fencing material.

Furniture and Mattress Industry Real Estate

Almeida’s – Prestações de Serviços

Created in 1997, the Almeida's develops its activity in the area of accounting, insurance an...

Legal and Notary Activities

ALPE - Agência Local em Prol do Emprego

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