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We have now witnessed the growth of alternative or complementary medicine which is often used when traditional medicine can’t give an answer or just in complementarity with it. The fact is that, more and more, this kind of business, linked to health, has been gaining adherents. In this sense, it was considered relevant to elaborate this thematic dossier, which gathers some of the important aspects to consider in the opening of a cabinet for nonconventional therapies - NCT, the word usually used by alternative or complementary therapies.

In this context, with this dossier we intend to approach the Regulatory Law of the framework of these therapies, the need for academic training of these professionals and their subsequent accreditation (professional certificate) issued by the Central Administration of the Health System (in Portuguese, ACSS), as well as the requirement of civil responsibility insurance to cover any damages caused to users in the exercise of their profession. The document focuses on the minimum requirements regarding organization and functioning, human resources and facilities for the exercise of the activity and its licensing process in the Health Regulatory Agency (in Portuguese, ERS).

The ACSS keeps a database of all accredited professionals up to date and accessible to the public. This system allows the consumer to choose therapists with greater security, since all should meet the legal requirements. The requirement of a clinical direction for the establishments and the prohibition of sale of products in them are other points to fulfill.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read the Thematic Dossier - Non-Conventional Therapies, which is available in the Menu Investing in this Business Platform - bizfeira.