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Intercultural cities

Intercultural cities

The Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira regards Interculturalism and Diversity as a philosophy for governance, management and decision-taking. Diversity transfers competitive benefits to companies, organizations and communities, and also favours social inclusion. 

The Municipality’s relationship with its emigrant and immigrant diaspora is fundamental for attracting a young, highly qualified population that can contribute for the Municipality’s economic growth, by applying ethnic knowledge, diversified skills, entrepreneurship and inherent competences. Santa Maria da Feira acknowledges that diversity is an advantage that can improve productivity, creativity, innovation and efficiency in companies and cities. 

Companies from Feira should benefit from a multicultural workforce which, besides being ethically correct, brings huge advantages by promoting equal opportunities to individuals with various origins. 

On the other hand, entrepreneurs should understand, promote and take advantage of the diversity in their companies, and of the individuals’ cultural and economic skills, of their personal contact network, of their profound knowledge of the native market: an asset for increasing the flow of trade transactions between countries. This way, diversity can contribute towards the success of their companies in the global market. 

When it is properly explored, diversity can mean quality, productivity and success for companies and cities. We accredit and name the immigrant and emigrant diaspora as Santa Maria da Feira’s natural ambassador.

Promotion of an Internationalization Opportunity


The Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities is a joint project by the Council of Europe and the European Union. In 2008, the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, the Council of Europe founded a network of European cities that adopted intercultural policies, in favour of a correct integration of immigrants and respect for diversity. Currently, the network includes 21 cities. National networks were created in Spain, Norway, Italy and Ukraine. Santa Maria da Feira joined this Network in 2013. 

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Emigrant Communities Support Office - GACE 

Aware of the importance of our communities scattered around the world, and feeling the need to efficiently meet the demands and difficulties faced by our emigrants, the City Council  signed, on 12 September 2002, a Cooperation Agreement with the General Directorate for  Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities for the creation of the Emigrant Support Office, located at the headquarters of the Lobão, Gião, Louredo and Guisande Parish Union.

Local Support Centre for Immigrant Integration – CLAII

The Local Support Centre for Immigrant Integration (CLAII) operating at the headquarters of the  Feira, Travanca, Espargo and Sanfins Parish Union, aims to help answer questions and problems faced by immigrants, with its ability to interact with local structures. Its mission is to  go beyond mere information gathering, by locally providing support to the reception and integration of immigrants.