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"Home is where a man's heart takes root." Henrik Ibsen (dramaturgo, séc. XIX, Noruega)

The residential area of Santa Maria da Feira shows a considerable growth rate, due to its remarkable social, economic and demographic vitality, placing Santa Maria da Feira in the core of the economic centre of the region and the country. 

This increase in the attractiveness of the city manifests itself decisively in its population growth (27.19% from 1981 to 2011) and the growth and modernization of its residential areas. 

The geographic, economic and social context of the municipality imposes distinct realities:

  • The northern area of Santa Maria da Feira is bounded by the cork industry axis and presents eminently urban characteristics; 

  • Near the county seat, one can find the main administrative center. Equipments such as the Court, the S. Sebastião Hospital Centre,  Europarque, the Taxes Department, the Civil Registry Department, among others, have an extended area of influence that encompasses all of the county's parishes, as well as neighboring counties. 

  • The east side of the county retains a rural model of territorial occupation,  where  villas  and vast green spaces of culture and leisure prevail.

The real estate market in Santa Maria da Feira has a large and diverse  housing offer, making it one of the most competitive in the  region, with its balanced quality-price ratio.

Housing diversity, together with its proximity to the beaches and  Feirense hospitality make Santa Maria da Feira an ideal place to live and invest in!

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