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Health and Social Action

Health and Social Action

Most of human happiness is based on health. With health, everything becomes a source of pleasure.


Santa Maria da Feira, boasts a dense and wide network of health and well-being facilities, with a central hospital and 23 health units that ensure total coverage regarding primary health care.

The municipality has a vast network of social facilities (for children and the elderly), responding to the community’s leisure and integration needs.

Social stability reflects the Municipality’s economic growth, equal opportunities, social solidarity, valuation of employability and the social responsibility of companies.

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The Social Network, created through Cabinet Resolution n. 197/97, of 18 November, is a programme that promotes local social development by setting up social support networks, involving the whole community in order to solve, in an effective and efficient way, their social problems. 


Its general goals are to eradicate poverty and social exclusion, to conceive and evaluate social policies, and to renovate and innovate intervention strategies.

Its specific goals include inducing participated social diagnosis and planning, promoting coordinated interventions on a county and parish level, seeking solutions for the problems of families and persons at risk or in a situation of social exclusion, training and requalifying agents involved in local development processes, promoting an adequate municipal coverage by services and facilities, and to boost and disseminate our knowledge on local realities.

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