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Culture and leisure

Culture and leisure

With its distinctive cultural offer throughout the year, Santa Maria da Feira is a true "Stage of Experiences", where visitors are challenged to experience the spirit of events and invited to return every time culture takes place.

The Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria,  Imaginarius - International Street Theatre Festival and  the Land of Dreams are three benchmark cultural events, boosting  the Northern Region's tourism offer.


D. Fernando I, nicknamed as "Formoso", "the Beautiful" and "the Inconstant", was the King of Portugal and Algarve from 1367 until his death, the last Portuguese monarch of the House of Borgonha. He was the eldest son of King Peter I and his first wife Constança Manuel. His death without heirs led to the Crisis of 1383-1385. With the support of the local nobility, displeased with the Castilian crown, Fernando got to be acclaimed King in several important cities from North to South of Galicia.


Portugal’s largest Street Arts festival and an international reference.

With a consolidated 14-year track record in the promotion of Artes de Rua in Portugal, Imaginarius is a privileged stage for renowned artists and companies, both domestic and from abroad, who choose the public space of Santa Maria da Feira to present their creations, many of which are world premieres.

La Fura dels Baus, Royal de Luxe, Titanick Theatre, Pippo Delbono, Xarxa Teatre, Transe Express, Leo Bassi, Strange Fruit, Cacahuète, Gran Reyneta, KTO Theater, Odin Teatret, Pan Optikum and Antagon Theater AKTion are some of the international companies which have taken part in the festival and left their trace in our region.

The same applies to the participation of renowned speakers like Nobel laureate  Dario Fo, photographers Spencer Tunick and Oliviero Toscani, o filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, visual artist Joana Vasconcelos and the master of urban masking Donato Sartori, who involved the city community and public space in their artistic interventions.

Since its first edition, Imaginarius has invested in its own creations such as "Entrado", which involved the participation of 30 inmates of the Porto Prison, or "The Ghost Train of Santa Maria da Feira" by Lee Beagley with local art structures. Community theater projects, such as "Baralha", developed with the local Gypsy community, or "Textures", which honored the cork industry, also take on a prominent role in the Festival.

In 2008, Imaginarius launched a project of musical experimentation that stands out in the contemporary art scene - the Santa Maria da Feira Creative Orchestra. Under the artistic direction of Maestro Aleksandar Caric Zar, the group includes 150 local members.

Since 2009, the Festival has opened space for young creators from all over the world through Mais Imaginarius, favoring experimentation and new approaches in the public space of Santa Maria da Feira.

Formative and artistic exchange remains a strategic investment of Imaginarius, materialized in workshops and artistic residences with great masters of  street arts.

Marked by an incessant will to create and transform, the Festival tracks a necessary path of construction and deconstruction. Because we believe that the future is Imaginarius.


Welcome to "Perlim”!

We are back!

Perlim is returning to fill the Christmas month with color and fantasy! Visiting Santa Maria da Feira in December will mean to live the best moments and to recover the best memories this festive season can bring. There are 22 days of joyful moments, music, theaters, musicals of large format, fun and educational activities, amusement and "treats” for the heart which evolve us in a unique dynamic of celebration and conviviality. 

Being a project that was born ten years ago, giving a new life to Quinta do Castelo, it is precisely with this profound revitalization of this green space of the city where, in 2018, the visitors will find a completely renewed place, a totally original layout, in an area which continues to preserve its unique centennial characteristics, with a comfort and space totally oriented to enchant the visitor. 

To live in family or in a group context, Perlim is the biggest thematic Christmas park in the country and presents in this edition a strategic reinforcement of its contents a 100% original to which it has accustomed the most loyal followers!


The Fogaceiras Feast is a characteristic celebration of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, which completed in 2005 five hundred years of history. It takes place on 20 January.

It originated in a vow to martyr Saint Sebastian in 1505, when the region was scourged by an outbreak of plague that killed part of its population. In exchange for protection, the people promised the saint the offer of a sweet bread called fogaça to the poorest in the parish.

"St. Sebastian, who according to legend bore all his suffering at the time of his martyrdom in the name of the Christian faith, became thus the patron saint of the entire county of Feira. in a procession that left the Palace of the Counts and followed by the Church of the Convent of the Holy Spirit (Lóios), where they blessed and sliced the fogaças, divided in slices, which were later distributed among the people.

For four years the tradition was broken and the plague returned. This event increased the devotion to one of the oldest traditions in Portugal.

The procession sets off in the morning from the City Hall to the Parish Church, with dozens of children dressed in white carrying a fogaça on their heads. The procession is closed by three girls who carry a miniature of the castle. In the church a mass is celebrated, with the blessing of the fogaças, and in the afternoon begins the procession that crosses the center of the city with the images of Saint Sebastian and of Our Lady.

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