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Economic operators who sell tobacco products

If you are an economic operator who sell tobacco products, including import and export, and if you store and place on the market cigarettes and rolling tobacco, including automatic tobacco selling machines, you must have an economic operator identification number (ID) and an identification number (ID) of the respective installation, like a warehouse, shop, automatic tobacco selling machine.

This procedure aims to ensure authenticity and to combat illicit trafficking and counterfeiting of tobacco products, so it was created a traceability system which requires the marking of packages of tobacco products with a specific code, known as a unique identifier, which will allow to follow the movements of this type of products along the logistic chain, from its manufacture or import, to the first retail establishment, according to the Directive 2014/40 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 3 and Law 37 / 2007, of August 14 and its amendments.

In this framework, the traceability system shall apply to cigarettes and rolling tobacco manufactured in the European Union from 20 May 2019 and to tobacco products other than cigarettes and rolling tobacco from 20 May 2014.