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PROVE encourages proximity marketing, using the sale of previously ordered baskets, fostering the strengthening of the local producer / consumer relationship, then allowing the elimination of intermediaries in the product marketing chain and, consequently, obtaining a fairer final price for those who sell and higher quality products for those who buy, as well as better outflow of the production.

The entire process is made through PROVE's online platform, which aims to guarantee the outflow of products and jointly contribute to overcome the difficulties experienced by farmers.

Currently, in the territory of ADRITEM, there are constituted 8 PROVE Centers, distributed by the municipalities of Albergaria - a - Velha, Espinho, Oliveira de Azeméis, São João da Madeira, Santa Maria da Feira and Valongo.

To be a member of this program, you must adhere to the Local Chart for the Commercialization of Proximity. This chart is an instrument to guarantee the good functioning of PROVE, as it defines the basic conditions for the establishment of the forms of commitment between producers and consumers, purchase and payment of the basket of vegetables and fruit produced in the territory.

For more information, you should contact ADRITEM, through telephone contacts 256 878 230 / 963 587 013 or via email:, including accessing its website at www /

The Ministry of Agriculture defined a set of recommendations, in the context of the pandemic COVID19, which are specific to the hygiene conditions that must be taken into consideration in the preparation and organization of the baskets to be delivered, particularly those that are composed of fresh products harvested from local producers. You may consult this information at

Download: Promote and Sell | PROVE (328KB)