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The procedure for the second revision of the Municipal Director Plan of Santa Maria da Feira (PDM) is opened and should be extended for 13 months.

For now, a period of 15 working days is running, in which suggestions and information on any issues considered relevant to the process can be presented. 

The terms and reference of the revision of the PDM, as well as other relevant documentation, are available on the Municipal website,, or in the Planning Division of the City Hall, between 9:00 am and 5:00 p.m. Complaints, suggestions or observations can be sent by e-mail, through the address, by post or at the general service desk. The current revision has the main objective the adaptation of the current PDM to new legislative provisions that have been approved, namely the new legal regime of the territorial management instruments, making it necessary to ensure the compatibility of the PDM with the territorial programs that affect the Municipality .

The base law of public policy for land, for the territory planning and urbanism has undergone a structural reform, both from the point of view of contents, in order to define a set of rules related to the discipline of the land use, and in view of its legal system, with the aim of translating a joint vision of the planning system as well as soil policy instruments. The changes introduced to the Legal Regime of the Territorial Management Instruments have instituted a new system of classification of the soil, dividing it into urban and rustic, opting for a logic of affectation of the urban soil to the partial or totally urbanized or built soil, eliminating the operating category of urbanizable soil.

Download: Disclosure Notice | 2nd Review of PDM