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IFTHENPAY LDA, a company founded in Santa Maria da Feira by Filipe Moura and Nuno Breda, won the race for the Heroes PME

IFTHENPAY LDA won - with great margin - the 2019 edition of Heroes PME. After a survey carried out on May 2, the company from the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, with headquarters in Santa Maria de Lamas, added up with 1745 votes (the second company at the rank holds less 700 votes), winning the remaining 52 companies candidates.

This initiative is a project of Yunit Consulting and SIC Notícias, which is in the third edition, and aims to find and reward SMEs - small and medium-sized enterprises -, recognizing the effort and 'leap' of each one of them. This recognition translates into several trophies and prizes, being the most coveted a publicity spot dedicated to the company, at TSF, which will spend seven times a day for 15 days. But it's not just the winning company that wins prizes.

The ten most voted companies will be able to count on the publication of their stories in all the digital channels of the project and the first five places, besides participating in a roundtable broadcast organized by TSF, will have the opportunity to see the company's story told in a report shared by Dinheiro Vivo and also by TSF.


Before telling the story of IFTHENPAY, it is necessary to talk about IFTHEN, a company founded by Filipe Moura and Nuno Breda, in 1998, in Santa Maria da Feira.

IFTHEN was dedicated to the development of Management Software for Firefighters Corporation and related, and, at the same time, also advanced to areas of Production Management Software, for implementation of companies in the district of Aveiro. In 2005, as a result of the need to expedite the payment of quotas and invoices of the Firemen's Corporations, it came up the idea to share a ATM entity for several Firemen Corporations, and in 2006 it was extended to all types of companies and associations.

In 2009, IFTHEN proposes to the Bank of Portugal its split and the creation of a new company, IFTHENPAY LDA, with the same partners. The process began in 2011 and in the last quarter of 2012, the Bank of Portugal grants this authorization, becoming IFTHENPAY LDA to be an authorized and supervised payment institution.

This payment service consists of providing multi-bank references to customers (supplier of goods and / or services) which, in turn, make them available to their own final customers, to make payment in the ATM network.

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