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There are 26 economic and social support measures that the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira will implement in different areas of its intervention, such as Social Action, Support for Culture, Education and Sports, Municipal Works, Urban Planning, Taxes and Other Revenue Non-Urban Planning and Concessions and Rents, in a significant effort to minimize the negative impacts, both on companies and on family’s income.

This support package was prepared to respond to the negative socio-economic impacts that "are already felt in our municipality, from trade to industry, with an emphasis on the tourism sector, a situation, although, common to the whole country", emphasizes Emídio Sousa, Mayor of the City Hall of Santa Maria da Feira, reiterating that the measures presented have been in effect since the beginning of the State of Emergency and were very carefully thought to "be fair to all who actually need and cover several essential sectors". "We know that there will be other sectors that will need our support and, therefore, this package will be readjustable with the reality that we are facing, as a result of the evolution of the pandemic", adds the Mayor.

Support for Culture

Culture is one of the identity marks of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, with projects of recognized quality and with national and international projection, but it is also a territory with promising artists and artistic agents and an important cultural association, a sector that undoubtedly suffers the harmful impacts of this pandemic. In this context, the Municipality will maintain the support granted in the Support Program for Cultural Projects (PAPC) 2020 and Multiannual Partnership Protocols (2018-2021), as well as the adjustment of the project schedule up to 12 months from the date initially planned for the its realization; extend the deadline for submitting reports of the projects financed by that program (PAPC) / 2019 up to one quarter, further facilitating the payment procedures for the remainder, after technical validation of the respective reports. This package of measures to support culture also includes anticipating the opening of competitions to the measures of the new Municipal Program to Support Culture. The City hall will also allow the rescheduling of the shows of the municipal cultural facilities already planned and announced on the date of its closure, up to 12 months after the date originally planned for them to occur.

To all cultural agents of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira is provided advice and technical support in the procedures for submitting applications and requests for support from governmental and non-governmental entities.

Education and Sport

During the month of March, the payment of the Activities of Animation and Support to the Family will be suspended and its value will also be reassessed, when requested and based on the income presented. The support to be given in the context of school social action will also be reassessed, when requested. It will be allowed that the social benefits or benefits resulting from the presentation of income to be proven by the presentation of the global income of the previous three months.

Until July 31, it will be suspended the payments for the use of Municipal Pavilions and other municipal sports spaces.

Regarding social housing rents, whenever requested and after a proven loss of income, the payment of rents for municipal fires will be suspended for the duration of the state of emergency. After this period, the amount that is not charged can be paid up to 12 months, without interest or penalties. The rents’ value may also be reevaluated at the tenant's request. It is also foreseen that the proof of income for the purpose of social benefits or other benefits is made with the presentation of the global income of the previous 3 months.

There are also measures foreseen in the areas of the Urban Planning and Municipal Works, namely the full functioning of the urban licensing and the continuity of the planned municipal works, thus supporting the construction sector, which is vital for the economy.

During the period of the State of Emergency and one month after its end, the City Hall provides exemptions from fees and licenses for micro and small trade, in the areas: markets and fairs, restaurant terraces, advertising, mobile homes (roulotes) and kiosks.

The Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira will reduce by 50% the amount of fees charged for matters not dealt with in person.