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Located in São Paio de Oleiros, in the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, the Coreboard is the largest national paper recycling company, specialized in the production of paper for the tube and cardboard angle industry. At the Iberian and worldwide level, it is integrated with important tube and angle manufacturers. In Portugal, it is integrated with Spiralpack, located in Trofa.

Founded in 1815, in an area where an important cluster of paper and packaging has been developed, it daily transforms 250 tons of recycled paper, being an important player in the recycling process in Portugal, so it is natural that it regards respect for the environment, ensuring the implementation of the environmental management policies defined by the European Union.
Initially, its production was focused on fine writing paper and cigarette paper, mainly intended to meet local orders throughout the district of Aveiro and Oporto. Currently it is directed to specialties in the area of packaging, integrating paper weight between 180 and 700 gr/m2, essentially in the following ranges: Coreboard (consists of papers of high weights for the production of tubes, angles and similar applications) and CoreTissue (paper destined for manufacturers and transformers of tissue with characteristics for increasing productivity).

The company is currently undergoing an important process of structural and organizational change, having completed a large investment under the Portugal 2020 program, ensured by the commitment of a new management team and the consequent change of mentalities. This course is fundamental to help the company to face the challenges that a positioning in the world market entails.

The industrial unit has 75 employees, ensuring continuous work of 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company privileges the training and awareness of its employees to the knowledge of the norms and management methods that each one must carry out.
Nowadays, after a profound change, the Papeleira affirms itself as a global company, providing a service of excellence and high quality, so it must guarantee a logistic network that allows the much desired expansion. At European level, the company's competitiveness is assured by land in the Iberian territory and by sea in the other markets, as part of the Portuguese government's strategy to invest in port activity as part of global shipping routes.
In terms of market, Papeleira will continue to focus on markets outside Europe, growing in those in which it has penetrated and strengthened its presence and, at the same time, bet on the recovery of Europe and new markets in Asia, Africa and North, Central and Latin America. This is a strategy defined when planning the investment which the company does not want to change.

The projects in development are focused in strengthening and optimizing two key strategic areas, the circular economy and the management of energy and natural resources. To do this, the bet is being made on new technologies and equipment that allow to process paper with higher levels of contaminants and more complex recycling, transforming these contaminants with a view to their use in by-products or energy recovery instead of landfill.
The bet on renewable energies is a reality, being produced the first phase of the photovoltaic plant, being also predicted the increase in installed capacity in the near future. Investments in energy efficiencies using high-efficiencies technologies in the consumption of electricity and natural gas, as well as LED technologies, is being made. Water management is another area in which daily the company works for its optimization, having in mind the consumption reduction of its specific use. 
The company is optimistic about its future, betting on the growth and development of the activity in the coming years, with a new investment project, consolidating and complementing the entire productive investment strategy outlined, in order to improve and guarantee the sustainability of growth, quality, the environment and safety already achieved.

In, Portugal Global - Principal