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Industrial Areas

Industrial Areas

Modern Infrastructured Spaces - 8 Municipal Industrial Areas

Santa Maria da Feira’s Main Industrial Areas

  1. IA Casalinho (Lourosa) - Cork, Industrial Machines, Car Sector
  2. IA Romariz - (Plots for sale)
  3. IA Vila Maior / Canedo - Construction, Hardware, Woods, Doors, Windows
  4. IA Roligo (Espargo)  Car Repair, Maintenance and Trade, Footwear, Cosmetics, Surgical M.
  5. IA Arrifana - Footwear, Furniture, Moulds, Metal-mechanics, Paints
  6. IA Rio Meão / Paços Brandão - Cork, Textiles, Paints, Hardware
  7. IA Cavaco (SM Feira) - Footwear, Paints, Textiles
  8. IA Fiães - Cork, Footwear, Paints, Galvanization, Metal-mechanics, Packaging

Santa Maria da Feira is among Portugal’s most exporting municipalities, thus making a decisive contribution for the recovery process of the country’s economy. 

Our municipality ranks 9th in the country regarding exports.

The City Council makes a strong contribution for the success of our industrial fabric, by investing in the creation of modern, properly planned industrial areas and infrastructures.

Today Santa Maria da Feira boasts more than 1 Million sqm of area devoted to industrial ends.

Taking advantage of its outstanding conditions regarding road accessibility, including the country’s main roads (A1, A29, A41 e A32), the strategic location of our municipality’s industrial areas ensures that companies enjoy a significant competitive edge. 

On the other hand, the existence of important pockets of specialized labour in the secondary sector is also a decisive factor for the growth and strengthening of Santa Maria da Feira’s industrial sector. 

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