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Education, Training and Qualification

Education, Training and Qualification

ISVOUGA - Higher Institute of the Region between the Douro and Vouga Rivers

A leading higher education and training institution, Isvouga is responsible for the production of relevant scientific and technological knowledge for the development and modernization of the region where it is based.

The range of available courses – in the fields of business sciences, communication sciences, legal sciences and technologies – is particularly geared toward teaching-learning and focused on creating and strengthening the skills of its students.

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ISPAB - Higher Institute of Paços de Brandão

A privileged partner of the region’s companies and organizations, ISPAB is a renowned private higher education institution that develops its teaching and scientific knowledge activities in the fields of management and administration sciences, communication, engineering and technologies.

The courses taught at ISPAB are based on a theoretical-practical teaching method, in order to respond effectively to the needs of the region’s business fabric.

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CINCORK - Centre for Vocational Training of the Cork Industry

CINCORK’s mission is to understand the values, culture and training needs of the cork segment and of the region between the Douro and Vouga rivers, in order to disseminate knowledge that ensures the competitiveness of companies within the national and international markets.
We create value by providing companies with solutions and services that help them to succeed n their fields of activity. Fulfilling this mission will allow CINCORK to grow faster and assert itself as a reference training structure.

CINCORK intends to become a reference in professional training for the cork segment and for region between the Douro and Vouga rivers regarding ethics, trust, creativity, growth and excellence, always with the goal of being universally acknowledged as a legitimate and proactive representative in the field of knowledge transmission.

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The Vocational Training Centre of Rio Meão, located in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, began its activity in 1970, and is one of the pioneers of a multipurpose and modern centres network.
Its experience makes this institution a reference, always attentive to the needs of the labour market, with a flexible and adjustable training potential in such diverse areas as computer science, commerce, electricity and energy, electronics and automation, metallurgy and electro-mechanics, and safety and hygiene in the workplace.

The privileged axes of this Centre's intervention are:

• Fighting deficits in schooling and professional qualification;
• Promoting the quality of employment;
• Intervening in the environment through integrated active employment policies, training and work towards responding to unemployment;"

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