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Companies, as engines of the economy, are very important to make a region more competitive and more prosperous. Public policies’ focus can not, therefore, avoid to orient itself for the business activities, boosting the creation of companies and employment, as well as its growth and internationalization, thus achieving clear gains and results in terms of economic and social development of a territory.

The City Hall has been strongly committed on the creation of attractive conditions, on one hand at the level of attraction and fixing of investments for the municipality, and on the other hand at the level of the expansion and internationalization of existing companies, considering that, without neglecting the social support component to the most disadvantaged people, such a bet on development, with results in job creation, is what decisively contribute to the development of a territory, to social cohesion and to the quality of life and well-being of the population.

Considering that, for the development of the Municipality, investment and business dynamism are fundamental, and considering also the legal possibility of granting tax benefits to support investments in the Municipality, this will be another instrument available to the Municipality to achieve the objectives of promoting and foster the creation of new business units, expecting the valorisation of the economic and business tissue and the promotion of employment.

Municipalities have the legal power to give incentives to companies to promote the economic and social development of their territories, namely, tax benefits, in the terms of the article 23-A of the Investment Tax Code, approved by Decree-Law 162/2014, of October 31, which establishes the possibility of granting exemption, total or partial, of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) and the Municipal Tax on Onerous Real Estate Transfer (IMT) to support investments made in the area of the Municipality, tax benefits which are given under the terms of the nos. 2 and 3 of the article 16 of Law no. 73/2013, of September 3.

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