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Restaurant, Bar and Hotel

Restaurant, Bar and Hotel

Tradition, excellence and quality are the attributes that best define Santa Maria da Feira’s Restaurant, Bar and Hotel sector.

Although Santa Maria da Feira’s productive fabric undoubtedly owes much of its notoriety to traditional sectors, such as cork processing or footwear, in the last few years, by virtue of the municipality’s privileged geographic location, together with the merits of a remarkable effort put into diversifying local economy sectors, other sectors have emerged within Santa Maria da Feira’s productive structure.

By virtue of the quality of its products, Feirense companies belonging to this sector have an interesting presence and implementation both in the domestic and international markets. The best example of this reality is Feirense confectionary, which has preserved the century-old secrets and flavours of fogaça or caladinhos.

Although still a recent creation, the "Chamoa” beverage, with its wine and liqueur variants, which was born to prolong the flavours of the "Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria”, has become a fine example of how products made in Santa Maria da Feira rapidly spread and take roots in international markets.

However, in addition to these products, there is a wide array of products that every day embody a common reality which characterizes Santa Maria da Feira’s territory.

By using a warm family spirit when welcoming those who visit Santa Maria da Feira, this sector has been able to respond in a continuous and affirmative manner to the challenges for modernization it has been facing. Complementarily, it plays an important role in the assertion process of the municipality’s tourism activity within the region and the country.

Recent statistics show that this sector already is an important player for the municipality’s business turnover. Thus, we are talking about a strategic opportunity for Santa Maria da Feira’s economy.