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Paper, Carton and Packaging

Paper, Carton and Packaging

Tradition - Innovation – Ecology

At the very origin of industrialization in the County of Santa Maria da Feira, the Paper Industry has played, since the beginning of the 18th century, an important role in transforming a markedly rural society, and became a determinant vector for the creation of a new business fabric and qualified labour. From that century onwards, the county was marked by industrialization built around the Paper sector.

Throughout the centuries, this industry has become more specialized and mechanized, and Santa Maria da Feira ensured a special position in it, with several companies devoted to producing paper, compact and corrugated cardboard, and to processing tissue paper (toilet paper, tablecloths, napkins, etc.). 

During the last few years, the environmental factor has become part of the management of the sector's companies, both in the forest field and in partially minimizing the  problem of urban solid waste, as much of the paper that is consumed is recycled.

ANIPC - National Association of Paper and Cardboard Producers 
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