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The quest for excellence and innovating solutions gives colour to this sector in Santa Maria da Feira.

Some of the most important paints industrial units are in Santa Maria da Feira. This sector is dominated by SMEs, which generate a considerable number of jobs and, generally, pursue an internationalization strategy.

The paints industry is devoted to manufacturing and marketing paints, varnishes, diluents, coatings,   waterproofing products and systems, thermal insulation, glues and related products, with applications in various fields, such as DIY and decoration, construction, metallurgy and electromechanics, the car industry, the timber industry, furniture and maritime infrastructures.

Technological updating and innovation are indispensable to meet market needs and the demands of the most demanding sectors. Research and the development of sustainable solutions are particularly important. Besides offering products that have a minimal environmental impact, the industry has adopted such practices  as the rational use of water and energy, the development of  materials from renewable sources, waste disposal, and the adequate management of residues and packages.