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Metallurgy and Electromechanicanics

Metallurgy and Electromechanicanics

I&D – Hi -Tech – Quality

The Metallurgy and Electromechanics Industry based in Santa Maria da Feira has a vast experience in developing and producing finished goods intended for the manufacture of other products. The wide range of products comprises, among others, metallic structures for construction, packaging, machinery and moulds. 

This sector’s development strategy focuses on innovation, based on cooperation partnerships with national and international D&I entities.  Its use of cutting-edge technologies has favoured the industry’s internationalization process. 

Quality is understood as a basic management tool, creating added value and competitive advantage in order to improve the industry’s organization. Thus, to think, manage and manufacture with quality, more than an objective, becomes a firm commitment to costumers and business partners. 

The products of Santa Maria da Feira’s Metallurgy and Electromechanics industry can be found in the machinery and equipment of the cork, footwear and car industries, and also in construction.

AIMMAP - Portuguese Association of Metallurgical,  Metal-Mechanical and Similar Industries
Site contact: here

CENFIM - Centre for the Professional Training of the Metallurgical and Metal-Mechanical Industry
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