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Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories

Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories

Although cork is one of the most traditional raw materials in Portuguese industry, the creative and innovating spirit of Feirense companies renews every day the leading position of the sector in the country’s production output.

Although Santa Maria da Feira was able during the last four decades of the 20th Century to boost the world’s largest cork stopper production centre, the first years of this century have witnessed a profound strategic change in the sector, brought about by the discovery of new, modern production means, new export markets and new, surprising applications for cork as a raw material.

Today, cork is present in an impressive array of products linked to these sectors: construction, car industry, aeronautics, footwear, decoration, clothes or leather goods.

The sector’s Feirense companies keep on surprising the markets, by creating, producing and exporting products that are used in the everyday lives of a growing number of people all over the world.

This strategic investment of the cork industry in the Investigation & Innovation segment allows the nobility of cork to have an increasing presence in people’s everyday life. Because it is a natural raw material, by choosing products featuring cork in their design, millions of people all over the world are contributing to defend the environment, while at the same time commitment themselves to quality, comfort, durability and good taste.


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