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At the forefront of industry, technology and sustainability

It is in Santa Maria da Feira that you will find the epicentre of cork industry, with more than 500 companies based in the region, employing more than 6800 workers.

Based on cork oak bark, cork is a very rich raw material, with applications in insulation, transportation, fashion, design, decoration and sports, among other various purposes. Its versatility has interested several sectors, which continuously research new applications for the material.

Portugal is a world leader in producing, processing and marketing cork, as about 50% of world cork extraction is made there. Today cork represents culture, nature, sophistication and an opportunity for cutting-edge industries!

Stoppers are the consummate cork product, as they represent about 70% of the sector’s current exports. Every day, more than 35 million stoppers are produced and shipped to the five continents. Every year, an estimate 12 billion bottles receive cork stoppers.

APCOR - Portuguese Cork Association

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CTCOR - Cork Technological Centre
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CINCORK - Centre for Vocational Training of the Cork Industry

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