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Job offers

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One -stop-shop. Mentoring for (re) entering the labour market,  creating own business and social innovation.

ALPE is an action of Axis 1 of the Rights & Challenges Project IV - Local Social Development Contract 3G, coordinated by Casa dos Choupos, CRL - Social Solidarity Multisector Cooperative and executed by ADRITEM - Integrated Rural Development Association of the Lands of Santa Maria , by AMICIS - Association of Friends for an Inclusive Community in Sanguedo and by CTCP - Technological Footwear Centre of Portugal.


ALPE - Local Employment Agency promotes actions in the fields of employability and entrepreneurship, for the development of skills, with a view to promoting employment in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira.


Led by qualified technicians, ALPE develops free work close to companies, unemployed, young people looking for the first job, entrepreneurs and social organizations.


Office of Economic and Business Development of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira
Centre for Employment and Vocational Training of the Region between the Douro and Vouga rivers
Academy of Design and Footwear, Footwear Technological Centre
CINCORK - Cork Industry Professional Training Centre
National Association of Credit Rights
ISPAB - Higher Institute of Paços de Brandão
ISVOUGA - Higher Institute of the Region between the Douro and Vouga rivers
AEP- Business Association of Portugal
ADRITEM - Integrated Rural Development Association of the Lands of Santa Maria
IES - Social Business School
Fair Park - Portus Park

Adress | Rua Moinho das Campainhas
               Edifício da Cooperativa Agrícola da Feira e SJM, 1º Andar,                                                                              
               4525-240 Santa Maria da Feira

Schedule| From Monday to Friday das 9h00 às 17h00


256 372 076 | 913 028 299 | |


The Office for Professional Insertion (GIP) of the City Council of Santa Maria da Feira is a decentralized response to some services provided to the municipality’s citizens by the Centre for Employment and Professional Training of Between Douro and Vouga, in the fields of training and employment, with the City Council of Santa Maria da Feira as its promoter.

Open every day to the public, GIP provides professional information to unemployed youths and adults, support to active job seekers and personalized assistance to the unemployed during their professional insertion and reinsertion stages. GIP also aims to find offers by employers, to divulge job offers and job-placement activities, and to divulge and provide guidance regarding job-support, qualification and entrepreneurship.

This structure also divulges community programs promoting job mobility and professional training within the European space, supports participation in temporary occupations or in volunteering activities that facilitate job-market insertion and other activities, taking into account the characteristics of the unemployed population registered with the Employment Centre.

Opening Hours

GIP is open to all of the municipality’s citizens, organizations and companies in its facilities:

      Agência Local em Prol do Emprego
      Edifício da Cooperativa Agrícola da Feira e SJM
      Rua Moinho das Campainhas, 1.º andar
      4520-240 Santa Maria da Feira

      Monday to Friday, from to 5pm.

Phone: 256 372 076
Mobile: 913 028 299
GIP’s Facebook: here
Contact site: here

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