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Good Makers

Good Makers

"Good Makers Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal” Brand

The creation and promotion of the "Good Makers Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal” brand is intended to foster, in target markets, the association of local products and companies with the ability to develop quality products and, thus, increase sales and their penetration in new markets, while functioning as an element that raises the notoriety of the fabric as a whole.

By holding a brand that was inspired in its own identity, the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira now has a graphic representation that goes beyond the mere promotion of the region, inasmuch as it cannot be separated from the promotion of the products made by companies based or affiliated there.

In order to foster a wider dissemination of this brand and, at the same time, ensure its recognition at home and abroad, it is necessary to promote its use by those companies.

For companies this will imply, on the one hand, a direct identification with the municipality’s idiosyncrasies and, on the other hand, a way of associating themselves with the values of a reference brand.

Companies wishing to apply must previously consult the rules laid down in the rules governing the use of the "Good Makers Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal” brand and fill in the application form, which must be submitted through or